A living breathing art gallery, hosting local artists for over 13 years.

"When gifts are given to me through my camera, I accept them graciously."
~Minor White

John Ingham

A student of light and shadow, color and mood, oil and canvas, John captures the essence of these rich and precious moments in a unique and enlightening way. Intimate aspen groves abound with color and light. Southwest landscapes that hold mystery and a sense of homecoming. Striking portraits of Native Americans rich with tradition, history, and dignity.

Susan Marrion

Susan Marrion has always been a poet. As a young girl, she charged through the forests and open fields of her hometown on the backs of the horses she cared for…the world a blur of color and motion. She began capturing these potent experiences with pen and paper. Susan now transmits this love of the outdoors and her experiences in nature with a pallette knife, oil and canvas.

Raynor Czerwinski

For over 20 years, Raynor has been chasing light and capturing beautiful moments on camera. My goal when photographing is simply to be present, to accept what is given and find the beauty in that. “I’m trying to be an imperfectionist, really, in my photography, to leave room for serendipity or anomalies. That’s where the real beauty comes from,” Raynor says.

"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”
~Vincent van Gogh
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Raynor Czerwinski has years of teaching experience and would love to take you into the field to learn more about the art of Photography.

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